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South Cumberland State Park 4K

40 Miles Alone in the Savage Gulf

30April, 2021

This was a five day solo hike alone in South Cumberland State Park in the Savage Gulf Natural Area. I would be hiking 42.75 miles starting and ending at the Stone Door Ranger Station. I would start by hiking on the Big Creek Rim trail towards Alum Gap Camp. On day 2, I would take the Big Creek Gulf Trail towards Ranger Falls, continue on the Connector Trail, see the Gator Savage Cabin (also known as Decatur Savage Cabin), continue on Collins Gulf Trail where I would see Horsepound Falls followed by Suter Falls, before finally camping overnight in my tent at Collins West Camp. On day 3, I would take the Collins Rim Trail towards Stagecoach Rd. and then onto the South Rim Trail before getting to Savage Falls Camp. On day 4, I would hike alone in the rain first to Savage Falls, a beautiful waterfall in Tennessee, before traversing the North Rim Trail towards Hobbs Cabin Camp. I wouldn't be staying there though, instead continuing on the Connector Trail back to Sawmill Camp. Finally, on day 5, I would hike back to Stone Door, unfortunately not having the energy to see Laurel Falls. In retrospect, I should have gone to see that and Greeter Falls so I could have seen every waterfall in the Savage Gulf.

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