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North Manitou Island 4K

The Beautiful Hidden Beaches of North Manitou Island

29August, 2021

On this episode, we travel to North Manitou Island for a 3 day backpacking trip. North Manitou Island is an island in Lake Michigan that can only be reached by taking a ferry. Due to the weather, our arrival on the island was delayed by a day. We took that opportunity to explore the sand dunes of Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. We took the main dune trail all the way to Lake Michigan.

Once we were actually on the island, we started at the Village Area and headed south. We passed the school, the South Cherry Orchard, and then headed down to Old Stormer Dock. We then passed the cemetary before making it to the old home of Bourniques. After that we headed west towards Stormer Place. We made a quick stop at Fat Annie's, but didn't see anything of note, so we continued on and camped on the west shore of the island.

The next day we headed north and checked out Swenson's Barn and explored the Crescent Dock area. Since we had one less day than planned, we decided to take the Centerline Trail east across the island before camping on the eastern shore.

Finally, we hiked out and took the ferry home.

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