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Great Smoky Mountains 4K

The Tranquil Hidden Meadows of the Smokies

10July, 2022

In this episode, we head to Great Smoky Mountains National Park to hike up to Gregory Bald. We drove in on highway 129, the "Dragon's Tail", before arriving at Twentymile Ranger Station. We then headed north on Twentymile Trail and then on Long Hungry Ridge Trail before stopping to camp at campsite 92, Upper Flats.

The next day we continued north on Long Hungry Ridge Trail again, passing the Rye Patch, and then heading west on Gregory Bald Trail. We eventually reached a hidden gem of the Smokies, Gregory Bald. We then continued west and camped for the night at campsite 13, Sheep Pen Gap. After it turned dark, we went back to Gregory Bald to check out the stars and the city in the distance.

On the final day, we headed south on Wolf Ridge Trail. One of the first landmarks we came across was the Parson Bald. We continued south, taking a short break at campsite 95, Dalton Branch, before finally heading out of the park.

Link to the trail:
Official Smoky Mountains Map:

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